bathroom renovation

Updating the Functionality and Comfort of the Bathroom

Needs and functions of the bathroom will change over the years in the average household. New homeowners may fall in love with that old-fashioned claw-foot tub. It is the perfect size for bathing young siblings all at once before bed.

Relaxing in a hot bath when those same kids are sleeping is also a plus. The bathroom is a little cramped with such a big tub, bit it is worth it for those early years. Enjoy the tub and make allowances for the tight squeeze.

The First Change

A Bathroom Remodeling project may be needed as the children get older and needs change. More space is needed for hair dryers, curling irons, makeup, and acne creams. Showers are faster so everyone has time to get out the door in the morning. That wonderful tub no longer suits the needs of the growing family.

It may also be necessary to add another bathroom to the home when a bathroom renovation does not completely solve the problem. A half bathroom may be enough, or a full bathroom may be desired. Finding a professional Bathroom remodeling contractor that provides full services will save homeowners in Arlington VA time and money. The project can begin with a free in-home consultation and free design services.

Package Deals

Experienced contractors with complete teams and a showroom of products from top manufacturers offer package deals on an innovative and customized bathroom redo. Three different packages designed to suit most budgets are available. Affordable, deluxe, and luxury packages can be selected to expedite the planning and installation processes. Packages will also save a significant amount of money on the whole project.

Another Change

The children are grown and out of the house. It is time for that whirlpool tub you have always wanted. Adding a tub now will not make the bathroom cramped because most of the cabinets can be taken out. A pedestal sink will suit the needs of two people with minimal grooming products.

Improvements for safety may be needed in some homes. A walk-in tub, a shower with a bench, or grab bars may be required for extra support. Styles to make the bathroom safe vary greatly and will result in a stunning look. Whether minor changes are needed, or major renovations are desired, a one stop shop contractor is a wise idea.

Make a list of what is essential and what is desired for the outcome to have a place to start when figuring out a budget and ideas. Explore possibilities and compare the pricing and services of na few contractors in the area.